A day in the life at the Squalicum Farm!

We as a family are gearing up for our second year with Squalicum Acres.We are all excited to be working together and sharing with our friends and family our hobby. Our hobby is gardening. My husband (Kevin) and myself (Jamie) love to plant food for our family. Feeding my children from our garden has always been number one. Knowing where the food comes from is important. From our gardens I fed both baby boys all of their baby food. I never bought a single jar or pouch. That is how we got started with Squalicum Acres. I wanted to feed healthy food to our children, and Kevin loved to create. So we went over board and created a huge garden which now feeds about 20 families the freshest produce, fruit, and eggs that I can create. That brings a huge smile to my face, that others share with me the same priciples. So next week is our 2nd annual plant sales, because of coarse we always over plant. If you are free please join us and see what we will be planting. May 7th, 2016 9am to 4pm. Thank you for reading.


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